Sunday, November 13, 2016

An election view from the other side (politically and geographically)


Blogger Richardf8 said...

"Trump spoke to the people; Clinton spoke to the cameras."

There was a moment in the third debate, where Trump was going on about the election being rigged. Moderator treated it as a digression and Clinton treated it as a myth to be debunked.

What Trump was in fact doing was saying to his base "Don't take victory for granted, every one of you needs to cast your vote." The spectre of all the dead people that would be voting for Clinton is what gave this message its urgency.

Clinton would have done better in that moment to point out that, with the repeal of the VRA by the Supreme Court in key states like Florida and North Carolina, elections were indeed rigged - against her - as African Americans would be turned away from the polls. This might have given her supporters - who did take her win for granted - motivation to get out and vote as well. A few more votes in a few key counties, and we might have woken up to a different reality Wednesday Morning.

Sun Nov 13, 10:34:00 PM 2016  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

That was a missed opportunity. But it's all irrelevant now. :(

Tue Nov 15, 03:52:00 PM 2016  

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